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Membership is free and open to any graduate student in the California area interested in joining. Students do not have to be a member with the Society for Marine Mammalogy to become a member of this student chapter, although membership is encouraged. Simply fill out the form below and we will add you to our Student Members page. Please send us a picture of you via email ( to go with your profile. After joining the California Student Chapter, we will send you information on upcoming events.

If you are an undergraduate or post-undergraduate, check out our undergraduates page to sign up for our mailing list and find out about research and volunteer opportunities! We only post profiles for graduate students (the form below) primarily to allow graduate students to network with each other, and for undergraduates to find out what kind of graduate student research is being conducted in this area.

Where are you a student?
Should be somewhere in the California area or surrounding states
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PhD or Masters
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Your area of study should be something to do with marine mammals
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